Stop Me (Black Faces Remix feat. Brennen Burleson)

by Milian

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Young rich nigga shit, tryna make the status quick
Coming from a small town but the flow is so legit
Cyphers with the homies on some minor league shit
Now I'm putting in the work, so I'm swinging for the bigs
Growing fan base, not a second ever wasted
Man this shit is so close, I can taste it
Drop, like, share, and the cycle restarts
Making sure every line is a work of art
Dead end job, man that shit ain't going nowhere
City dying, old men with no hair checking out Claire
Headed to the county fair on her prize winning mare
First place never shares
Big city kid in a small town hole
Spitting fire on some different shit, tryna climb the pole
Summer Scores, numbers on the boards
Got you feeling me before I hit the chorus

This is for the team
This is for my momma
This is for the girls that made my life hella drama
This is for the homies
This is for my father
Sitting somewhere drinking gin like it's water
Damn, I feel good, and this is a hot beat
This is for the ones that check me out and then they drop me
Now I'm feeling grand, in the words of Ayn Rand
It's not who's gonna let me, who's gonna stop me?

Who's gonna stop me?
Who bout that paper and they making hella guap with me?
Yeah -- I said, who's gonna stop me ?

(I see you, CG!)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay
League of my own, top of your playlist
Mili making hits and they never on some fake shit
Bino said the Rollie so racist, G-Shock on the same shit,
So you know it's all black faces
My life, I'm the author
21 years tryna make a fucking dollar, in my town I'm the great philosopher
You can see me getting offers for the skill, I'm a lyrical scholar, uh
Damn, you could call me fucking Plato
Flow so fluid, nickname Volcano
It's the devil to your girl, cause she's coming to the crib and I'm taking off her halo
Take her to the moon, Galileo
Squad on my say-so
You could call me Nayo, oops, I mean Neo
Cause I'm the one to change the game but I'm always gonna make my pesos, now where's the payload?
If you with me, then who's gonna stop me? Who feeling what I say, who rock with me?
Who wanna rise to the motherfucking top with me? Definitely not them niggas with a lock on me
I felt good, but now I'm feeling great
On ten from the ones saying that they hate the dream I chase every day
Well fuck what you say


released October 15, 2014
Instrumental: "Black Faces (feat. Nipsey Hussle)" by Childish Gambino
Produced by: Brennen Burleson




MCG Entertainment Michigan City, Indiana

MCG Entertainment is a duo consisting of Atlanta, Georgia native Milian and Michigan City, Indiana native Breezy. The pair pride themselves on bringing substance to the table.

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